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We are part of local plantation in Malaysia



As part of local plantation in Malaysia, Kharas Assets International Sdn Bhd (1193193-P) is committed to the principle of Value Driven Organization that can meet the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet them own needs. Our action is always guided by the needs to make business decisions that demonstrate economic, social and religious responsibilities.

Through this value system, we integrate the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business to achieve sustained financial success, safeguard our environment and develop our reputation as partner and provider of first choice for our stakeholder, clients and employees, those with whom we do business.

We aspire to be the gateway to businesses throughout the Malaysian nations responsibility and profitably. In pursing high standards of performance, we seek a long term presence in this environment, striving to help our stakeholders improve their quality of life, whilst contributing to the nation’s progress towards vision 2020. An integral element in our journey towards this vision is exactly how we put our values into practice.

We strive to create wealth that benefits society as a whole. Thus, we envision that Kharas Assets International Sdn Bhd would be the company of first choice.

We seek to build and maintain a culture of learning and innovations in which employees can fulfill their potential whilst meeting the most challenging targets and have fun at the same time. It is a culture where we encourage our leaders to inspire others through example, where the values of courage, discipline, trustworthy and loyalty prosper.

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