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Kharas Assets International Sdn Bhd



To be the leading local plantation in Malaysia and international


We pledge to offer excellent services and valuable products to our customers by our strategic resources and expert in Agarwood. While venturing into hi-tech area, we continue to uphold our core values and business ethics. As the business arm of the plantation, we are committed to promote and commercialize our expertise and products. While doing this, we will simultaneously inject and inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship in the community. In aiming for profitable returns for the company, we also strive to meet our financial obligations to the Kharas Assets International while at the same time, being attentive to our employee’s welfare and development.


Kharas Assets International is an organisation contributing to the sustainable forestry by maintaining Agarwood plantations with the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system by preventing all types of pollution and wastage whilst complying with all applicable legal and other requirements. We are further committed to conserve the environment and to protect the healthiness of our employees and community by minimising all negative environmental impacts arise from company processes, products, and services.